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SWRS exit maps editer

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SWRS exit maps editer

Post by Oby1Chick on Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:43 am

Hi guys,

I have often talk about a guide show how do that and even walk on sullust water or mustafar lava.First i will teach you how exit all maps.Take theses two codes and put them on ur hack software :

_C0 Flash
_L 0x202EB5D4 0x408C0000
_C0 Rayman Player
_L 0x202EB540 0x3FFA0000

0x002EB5D4 0x408C0000

#Rayman Player
0x002EB540 0x3FFA0000

SCEP - Cheatmaster
$0000 $0 $(202EB540 408C0000 00000000 00000000)}
$Rayman Player{
$0000 $0 $(202EB540 3FFA0000 00000000 00000000)}

After u put them,start ur swrs games,and go on a map ad hoc,online or solo
Active the code,and take a jetpack.Now,open ur hack menu and choice "modidfy code".
Here,modify flash from 408C0000 to 418C0000.U will run faster but no enough to force an invisible wall.

So modify flash 418C to 428C,with that u will run a lot,enoughto walk throw a wall.After u have exit map,active ur jetpack and go where u want - its better with inf. jet pack-

Now u can exit all mapos, we will see how exit mustafar or sullust.Like u see , even with inf. health,u death when u go on the water or on the lava.But u must be Negative factor Health to go on the water or on the lava.Twisted Evil

I can't post the code here , and i'm very sorry,but we will see the value for peoples have already it.Normanely,ur value is 6FFFFFFF,or 7FFFFFFF.Start an AD HOC or ONLINE map,and put ur health level at level 1,2 or 3.Choice "modify code" , and put for value FFFFFFFF.Normanely,the float will be so -00000001.Respawn,and see what happen.

Sometimes u die,so try again after have rer-put the health in positive,but sometimes ur health is complety grey,it means (if there is no streaks on the health symbole) u are negative factor health ! For verify that,go on the water,take the flag or try to capture a command post : Nothing will happen

With ur negative health,u can go on sullust water or mustafar lava,and with the exit methode u can go on the water fall of sullust or on the cliff of mustafar !:p
If you borred to use that just use superman code its easiest lol .

I hope u will enjoy with that,and i will post photos when i have the time.Plz don't take credits for you or post it everywhere,



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